About Us

Zugaru.com is an e-marketplace where buyers and sellers connect and is a milestone venture of SSMD Associates. We want to be the bridge between all those talented artists and manufacturers who are looking for a client base. We offer a platform that comes without the additional seller hassles of giving a percentage of their profit to the website owners or arranging for delivery to customers. The unique features that set Zugaru.com apart from other sites is that:

  • Sellers can upload a minimum of even 10 products and there is no maximum product limit set.
  • Delivery from seller to buyer is handled by the site.
  • Seller has complete freedom in quoting a price for each product. If sold, that exact amount will be paid to the seller.
  • Small business owners, handicrafts makers and local artists will be able to sell on our site with ease.
  • Registration fee to the site is reasonable and anyone who wants to buy or sell can join.

The makers of Zugaru.com want the rural and semi-urban craftsmen of our country to be able to be a part of the big e-commerce boom in India. A part of our team will be responsible for disseminating information about this platform and helping such artisans to showcase their products on our website. We are committed to make this an equal opportunities platform for people from all communities, genders, socio-economic strata and affiliations.